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Liquidity management - Regulators bare their teeth

Company: SmartStream Technologies Ltd

SmartStream Technologies Ltd case study

Category: Liquidity Risk

Published: 09 November 2017




In the decade since the crisis, the highest-profile changes have been made to the front and middle offices, but now the back office must fall in line with regulatory mandates—nowhere is this more emphati­cally illustrated than in the realm of cash and liquidity management. 

Not only do banks need the capacity to monitor their liquidity in near real time but, crucially, they must be able to provide transparency into the various calculations behind the numbers for regulatory reporting purposes. 

This special report focuses on the business and operational ben­efits that banks stand to accrue through the systematization of their cash and liquidity management functions, while also examining the technologies and best practices that firms might look to develop to make such endeavors feasible.

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