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Skechers deploy accounts payable application to achieve process efficiency and compliance

Company: IBM United Kingdom Limited

IBM United Kingdom Limited case study

Category: Enterprise Risk Management

Published: 15 February 2008




Skechers USA, Inc. is a global leader in the lifestyle footwear industry. With an inefficient accounts payable system, the organisation integrated an accounts payable solution, built on the IBM FileNet ECM platform, with PeopleSoft Financials. The key benefits to the company were reduced costs, increased efficiency in accounts payable process, consistent, enforceable AP process achieving SOX compliance, faster approvals result in timely payments to vendors taking advantage of discounts and real time invoice tracking, which eliminated end of quarter unrecorded liabilities. This has proven to be a successful and lucrative venture, which should realise the predicted increase in ROI and an plan to deploy a broader range of content management systems.

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