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Below you will find Solvency II white papers and industry reports that set out the latest market developments, and what you need to do so your organisation meets the mentioned requirements.

Solvency II is an essential review of insurance regulation on solvency within Europe. It sets out to change the capital requirements and risk management standards for the insurance industry. Most European insurers are expected to implement all changes in January 2013 - with an estimated total cost of €2-3Bn over 5 years.

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Potential impact of Solvency II on equity derivatives markets

Company: Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

Solvency II is a major regulatory theme for financial markets through 2011 and beyond. It will not only have an impact on insurance companies, but may also have wider repercussions across financial markets. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Equity Derivatives | Published: 03 October 2011 | Type: Article

Rating: + 4

Special report: Non-traditional assets

Company: Insurance Risk

By downloading this special report you will gain access to a collection of articles and case studies that focus on non-traditional assets. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Asset Liability Management | Published: 10 December 2013 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 10

Chartis Report: Operational Risk Management Systems for Financial Services 2013

Company: Thomson Reuters

Operational risk is "the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems, or from external events." VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Basel III | Published: 08 July 2013 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 107

2012/2013: Challenging years for European asset managers

Company: Allen & Overy LLP

European asset managers face significant regulatory challenges. The impact of new regulation will be substantial and will cause upheaval and change in the sector. This white paper summarises European and US areas of regulation that will impact European asset managers. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Compliance | Published: 01 May 2013 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 2

The impact of Solvency II on bond management

Company: EDHEC-Risk Institute

This white paper analyses the bond Solvency Capital Requirement as a risk measure, the effects of this risk measure on bond management within a return volatility-Value-at-Risk-SCR universe, and whether Solvency II will lead to a new bond hierarchy and arbitrage opportunities. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Solvency II | Published: 31 July 2012 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 11

Transparency in fund investments - a capital advantage

Company: Goldman Sachs

This article discusses how look-through approach can be used to improve risk management and capital efficiency for an insurance company investment in a pooled fund within the context of the requirements under Solvency II. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Solvency II | Published: 05 July 2012 | Type: Article

Rating: + 2

Putting cash to work - Now and post Solvency II

Company: BNY Mellon

It looks like low interest rates are here to stay for some time. Insurance companies need to work out how to place their money and how to diversify, because there is little yield to be had at the front end of the curve. How investors can play a more active role in reviewing and structuring their VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Solvency II | Published: 27 March 2012 | Type: Article

Rating: + 4

Solvency II – Market risk: Getting off the data starting blocks

Company: BNY Mellon

The associated asset data challenges under Solvency II are more complex than some insurers think and should not be ignored, as Peter Luckhurst, senior product manager at BNY Mellon Asset Servicing, exposes. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Solvency II | Published: 29 February 2012 | Type: Article

Rating: + 1

Risk Management for Insurers

Company: Risk Books

The insurance industry is facing turbulent times and risk management is at the top of the agenda. This is particularly the case in Europe, where the introduction of Solvency II will drastically redesign the supervisory rules for regulatory capital for insurance companies. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Solvency II | Published: 17 October 2011 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 4

Solvency II – is your IT compliant?

Company: Oracle

There are stringent audit, security and control processes demanded by Solvency II legislation that impact data management within the wider context of the risk/actuarial environment. The directive demands that insurers do significantly more than simply store data. Read the report to find out more. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Solvency II | Published: 20 September 2011 | Type: White Paper

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