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Risk Library hosts a wide range of enterprise risk management white papers and analyst reports by leading experts, providing a valuable information resource which can be used to limit your organisation’s risk exposure and help utilise any opportunities which may arise.

Risk Library defines enterprise risk management (ERM) as the processes of managing risks that may deter a company from achieving its objectives. ERM is the integrated framework that helps a business identifying, assesses, organise, and plan activities to strengthen its position. It encompasses regulation, issues relating to internal control and strategic planning, amongst others.

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IFRS 9: Risk Chartis Market Report

Company: Risk.net

This market report conducted by Risk and Chartis, breaks down all aspects concerning IFRS 9. Among many things, the report will highlight the challenges financial institutions face as well as how these organisations can incorporate the correct IFRS 9 techniques. This market report is in association VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Enterprise Risk Management | Published: 30 September 2016 | Type: White Paper

Fighting financial crime: It's time to think differently

Company: Nice Actimize

This white paper discusses how effective financial crime prevention can not only mitigate the risk of threats to an organization and to its customers, but how it can also provide additional benefits such as operational efficiency and improved customer experience. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Infrastructure | Published: 27 September 2016 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 5

Making Sense of Market Abuse Regulation (MAR)

Company: RIMES

This white paper will break down the new MAR rules set by the EU, and will look at ways financial organisations from the buy side can develop a response to the EU’s Market Abuse Regulation. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Regulation | Published: 26 September 2016 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 3

Creating business value: Measuring the return of improved data management

Company: Oracle

This detailed survey of C-level executives, risk managers and data management professionals highlights the huge value that can be gained from more effective data governance and management. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Risk Management | Published: 30 August 2016 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 9

IFRS 9 Analytical and Reporting Solutions for Structured Finance

Company: Moody's Analytics

This white paper will set out the specific challenges that investors in structured finance face and guidelines for effective solutions to help address these challenges. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Regulation | Published: 06 July 2016 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 8

In Search of a Single Version of the Truth: Adopting a Universal Data Model

Company: Wolters Kluwer

This white paper explains how firms can normalize their internal data collection processes – and retain the flexibility they need to support the finance and risk functions, and business activities across the enterprise – by adopting a universal data model. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Regulation | Published: 16 June 2016 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 6

Benchmark your Whistleblowing Hotline Against EMEA & APAC Organisations: Where Do You Rank?

Company: NAVEX Global

The webinar will explore the new trends for reporting your whistleblowing hotline and discovers benchmarks you can use to evaluate your own results. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Compliance | Published: 13 June 2016 | Type: White Paper

10 Step Guide to Collateral Management

Company: CloudMargin

This white paper will cover all fundamental aspects concerning the management of collateral, the associated risks and opportunities, as well as the key topics involved in establishing and running a collateral management function. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Derivatives | Published: 02 June 2016 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 12

Understanding the Riskiness of A GLWB Rider For FIAs

Company: Numerix LLC

This white paper assesses the risk associated with a GLWB rider for FIAs and analyses how different modelling choices can affect these risks. In Particular, the impacts of improving the estimate of future caps will be explored. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Market Risk | Published: 26 May 2016 | Type: White Paper

Data integrity for MiFID II

Company: Gresham

This white paper explores the differences between the orignal MiFID I and the new MiFID II; the challenges financial institutions will face; and who is responsible for trade reporting under the new regulation VIEW SUMMARY

Category: MiFiD | Published: 25 May 2016 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 7

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