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Free webinar: Fundamentally challenging – how banks are getting to grips with the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book.

Company: IBM Business Analytics

With regulators rushing to complete their overhaul of trading book rules by year-end – and a recently launched impact study the last chance to assess and amend the framework – the industry is taking a closer look at the current proposals. Many banks are worried by what they see. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Credit Risk | Published: 27 October 2015 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 5

Intraday Volatility Forecast For Dax, Euro Stoxx 50 and Euro-Bund

Company: Deutsche Börse

The capacity to forecast volatility – a key input for trading algorithms and risk methodologies – is enormously valuable for traders. November sees Deutsche Börse launch a new analytic that forecasts the direction and magnitude of volatility. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Foreign Exchange | Published: 22 September 2015 | Type: Article

Rating: + 1

Regime Forecasting using Machine Intelligence

Company: Ayasdi

This white paper looks into why it is important to understand market regimes, and the current approaches firms take in understanding these regimes. It goes further by discussing the different ways in which machine intelligence can provide solutions in creating strategies. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Market Risk | Published: 02 September 2015 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 3

Special report: Unauthorised trading

Company: Operational Risk & Regulation

Download this special report from Operational Risk & Regulation to find out why the risk of unauthorised trading grows from cultural and control problems and what can be learned from UBS’s $2.3 billion rogue trading loss uncovered in 2011. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Operational Risk | Published: 16 March 2015 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 19

Risk Books: High-Frequency Trading Extract

Company: Risk Books

This is the survival guide for trading in a world where high-frequency trading predominates in markets, accounting for upwards of 60% of trading in equities and futures, and 40% in foreign exchange. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Trading Systems | Published: 25 November 2013 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 4

An introduction to the survival guide to commodity investing and trading

Company: Risk Books

Stinson Gibner brings two decades’ worth of experience to Commodity Investing and Trading and discusses all aspects of the commodity markets, from fundamentals to how best to invest and trade in them. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Commodities | Published: 22 October 2013 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 3

Principles for Designing Agile Trading Platforms

Company: Digiterre

Today’s trading operations face the challenge of maintaining software platforms that supports a constantly evolving business. To keep up with the pace of change, these organisations are demanding more and more of their trading platforms. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Technology Systems and Software | Published: 25 June 2013 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 3

Execution analytics: real-time challenges and directions in institutional trading

Company: SAP

This white paper looks at managing securities trading data based on a robust process and technology infrastructure. It studies real-time analytics and Complex Event Processing (CEP) and the roles they play in the management of diverse data sets. VIEW SUMMARY

Category: Trading Systems | Published: 06 March 2012 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 2

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