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Calypso is the leading provider of front-to-back technology solutions for the financial markets. With 19 years of experience delivering cross-asset solutions for trading, processing, risk management and accounting, we are able to focus our significant resources on customer problems, bringing simplicity to the most complex business and technology issues. The constant pressures for better allocation of capital and improved risk management, matched by an ever changing regulatory landscape in the financial markets demand technology solutions that are reliable, adaptable and scalable.

In response Calypso provides customers with a single platform designed from the outset to enable consolidation innovation and growth. The result is compelling. Faster time to new markets, enterprise risk reduction and lower technology costs drive immediate improvements to our customers’ bottom line. The facts speak for themselves.

Calypso is used by over 34,000 market professionals in over 60 countries. Representing more than 180 financial institutions, our customers operate in a diverse range of developed and emerging markets across Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Calypso has over 800 staff in 22 global offices, with headquarters in San Francisco, California. Let Calypso guide you through the complex financial markets.


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Introducing the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book

Company:Calypso Technology

This white paper will break down all aspects concerning FRTB, and will provide a detailed overview of the new standard. The paper further looks at the key FRTB proposals.

Category: Enterprise Risk Management | Published: 02 November 2016 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 10

Seven signs you’ve outgrown your treasury management system

Company:Calypso Technology

Seismic shifts in global regulation and a more complex banking landscape areleaving treasurers vulnerable. Legacy treasury management systems cannot meet increasing national and cross-border demands, or provide the real-time decision support tools needed to optimally monitor and control risk. No longer... view abstract

Category: Compliance | Published: 14 May 2015 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 10