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Financial Services Whistleblowing Regulation Survey – Assessing the impact of the FCA/PRA senior managers regime whistleblowing rules

Company:NAVEX Global

This white paper examines organisational approaches to whistleblowing and incident reporting. The paper provides findings, analysis and recommendations into the impact of the new whistleblowing rules issued by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Category: Regulation | Published: 30 January 2017 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 7

Third Party Risk Management: Put data & insights into your work today

Company:NAVEX Global

This report analyses various organisational approaches to third party risk management and due diligence. The report further discusses the top challenges to third party risk management programs.

Category: Risk Management | Published: 22 November 2016 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 9

Benchmark your Whistleblowing Hotline Against EMEA & APAC Organisations: Where Do You Rank?

Company:NAVEX Global

The webinar will explore the new trends for reporting your whistleblowing hotline and discovers benchmarks you can use to evaluate your own results.

Category: Compliance | Published: 13 June 2016 | Type: White Paper

2016 EMEA & APAC Ethics & Compliance Benchmark Report

Company:NAVEX Global

This report outlines some of the main benchmarks for ethics and compliance programs, as well as giving an insight into how to calculate and capitalise on them.

Category: Compliance | Published: 04 May 2016 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 3

Benchmarking Your Compliance Programmes in EMEA & APAC

Company:NAVEX Global

This webinar examines the top priorities and major challenges that ethics and compliance professionals are currently facing. The webinar offers recommendations and best practices that can be taken away and used within your own businesses.

Category: Compliance | Published: 09 March 2016 | Type: Webinar

Rating: + 3

Peer Data and Analysis to Enhance Your Global Ethics and Compliance Programme

Company:NAVEX Global

This report examines the responses from 247 ethics and compliance business professionals and explores what drives investment in compliance, the key risk areas and potential challenges.

Category: Compliance | Published: 25 February 2016 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 1