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, a NEX Optimisation service, is a centralised, web-based solution that prices, reports and validates PV, PFE, and XVA risk calculations for OTC derivatives trades using transparent and consistent models across a wide range of asset classes, data sources, and business units. triCalculate helps clients comply with increasing market regulatory and accounting developments.

Leading the transformation of market structure, NEX Optimisation offers a portfolio of cloud-hosted services across the transaction lifecycle. Ranging from pre-execution credit checking to multilateral portfolio compression, our purpose is to simplify our clients’ workflow and help them optimise their resources.

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Accelerated Margin Valuation Adjustment

Company:NEX TriOptima

This white paper explores how the sheer speed of the triCalculate engine allows for full valuation in every step to guarantee accelerated Margin Valuation Adjustment.

Category: Risk Management | Published: 01 September 2017 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 11

The game changer for collateral management

Company:NEX TriOptima

This white paper outlines the basic building blocks for good collateral management and addresses the impact of new regulation on collateral management. The paper further provides a solution to help organisations adapt to the new regulatory reality.

Category: Derivatives | Published: 07 February 2017 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 12

Making sense of data to ensure trade reporting accuracy

Company:NEX TriOptima

This white paper emphasizes that now is the time to address the extensive inaccuracies in data reporting to ensure data integrity. It further provides an elegant solution to the problem that leverages existing bilateral reconciliation processes and systems.

Category: Infrastructure | Published: 16 January 2017 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 9

Clearing the Hurdles to Meaningful Trade Reporting

Company:NEX TriOptima

When the new derivatives rules established trade reporting as one of the key goals, regulators assumed that this would unlock the door to market transparency and the ability to monitor systemic risk. While much progress has been made, as trades flow into the trade repositories, it is widely acknowledged... view abstract

Category: Credit Derivatives | Published: 01 April 2015 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 2