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At Peracto Solutions, we are dedicated to offering superior Business Management solutions that consistently provides tangible business benefits for your organisation. With the strong belief that your Business Management solution should cater for your current and future business needs, our unique approach will empower you to increase your revenue and operational efficiency, whilst decreasing your costs. Committed to exceeding our client's expectations; we have implemented systems locally and globally which our clients continue to benefit from. We offer solutions with market leading functionality, ranging from Finance, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), through to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence which are designed to empower your organisation with information that allows you to make the right business decisions, providing you with faster time to market, and increase your market share & improve customer retention levels. Based on strong, long term client relationships, we work together throughout every assignment and beyond, to ensure we drive perfection into all of our projects.

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Evaluating ERP Software - The 6 Key Decision Drivers - White Paper by SoftResources

Company:Peracto Solutions

This white paper discusses the 6 key decision drivers that you should consider as you evaluate ERP software products. These 6 criteria are: • Functionality • Technology • Software Vendor • Implementation Vendor • Support & Maintenance • Total Cost of Ownership.

Category: Technology Systems and Software | Published: 01 April 2009 | Type: White Paper

Preparing for uncertainty: Technology as an enabler of change in the current climate

Company:Peracto Solutions

To investigate the impact of recent changes on business, Microsoft commissioned a comprehensive survey of 500 UK directors. Results showed technology as an enabler of change when businesses successfully deploy technology that helps them gain visibility of their internal processes & financial health.

Category: Technology Systems and Software | Published: 31 March 2009 | Type: White Paper

Supply Chain Management and Demand Planning: Optimising Operations Across the Supply Chain

Company:Peracto Solutions

This White Paper look at how manufacturers, across diverse industries, have dramatically improved their forecasting accuracy across the entire supply chain with better supply chain management and demand planning software packages.

Category: Technology Systems and Software | Published: 01 September 2004 | Type: White Paper