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The Changing Face of Risk Management in the New Regulatory Environment


The precarious recovery from the global recession and fiscal tightening in the western world has caused volatility in financial markets to rise sharply. This white paper discusses the imperative for banks to strengthen their risk management frameworks.

Category: Technology Systems and Software | Published: 20 February 2014 | Type: White Paper

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Big Data and Smart Trading


Under discussion is the convergence of big data and smart trading, leading to the rapid development of new, profitable trading strategies. These strategies extract and harness information from a myriad of conventional and not-so conventional data sources, often on a massive scale.

Category: Technology Systems and Software | Published: 18 December 2012 | Type: White Paper

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The ultimate risk – flawed liquidity risk management


As the global financial services industry digests Dodd-Frank, Basel III, European bank stress tests and the inexplicable ‘flash crash’ that downed Dow Jones 700 points in minutes, the question is where to now?

Category: Liquidity Risk | Published: 24 November 2010 | Type: Article

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Taking liquidity stress testing to a higher level


Offering highly secure, high-availability software solutions that meet the trading industry’s needs for intensive transaction processing, advanced analytics and modelling.

Category: Liquidity Risk | Published: 25 August 2010 | Type: Article

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