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Wolters Kluwer Financial Services provides customers worldwide with risk management, compliance, finance and audit solutions that help them successfully navigate regulatory complexity, optimize risk and financial performance, and manage data to support critical decisions. With more than 30 offices in 20 countries, our prominent  brands include: AppOne®, AuthenticWeb™, Bankers Systems®, Capital Changes, CASH Suite™, GainsKeeper®, NILS®, OneSumX®, TeamMate®, Uniform Forms™, VMP® Mortgage Solutions and Wiz®.

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services is part of Wolters Kluwer, which had 2014 annual revenues of €3.7 billion ($4.9 billion), employs 19,000 employees worldwide, and maintains operations in over 170 countries across Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Wolters Kluwer is headquartered in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands. Its shares are quoted on Euronext Amsterdam (WKL) and are included in the AEX and Euronext 100 indices.

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Achieving IFRS 9: A long way to go in a short time

Company:Wolters Kluwer

This paper broadly sets out the critical steps of complying with IFRS 9 and suggests the most effective ways to accomplish them. It further explores the primary elements of IFRS 9 to help aid context and understanding.

Category: Compliance | Published: 14 August 2017 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 6

Business Intelligence: A Tech Revolution for the Evolution in Compliance

Company:Wolters Kluwer

This white paper will explore the compliance tech revolution. It explains how RegTech can empower compliance functions to make informed risk choices based on data-provided insights about the compliance risks the company faces and how it mitigates and manages risks.

Category: Enterprise Risk Management | Published: 01 November 2016 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 5

In Search of a Single Version of the Truth: Adopting a Universal Data Model

Company:Wolters Kluwer

This white paper explains how firms can normalize their internal data collection processes – and retain the flexibility they need to support the finance and risk functions, and business activities across the enterprise – by adopting a universal data model.

Category: Compliance | Published: 16 June 2016 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 7

Breaking down IFRS 9 implementation

Company:Wolters Kluwer

This white paper addresses the common technical and operational issues involved in IFRS 9 projects and solutions implementation, outlining areas of best practice and common pitfalls that should be avoided.

Category: Credit Risk | Published: 17 May 2016 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 23

IFRS 9: Unexpected Gains from Expected Losses

Company:Wolters Kluwer

This white paper explores IFRS 9 requirements and discusses how implementing a successful IFRS 9 strategy will allow organisations to justify key decisions and actions to employees and external supervisors.

Category: Operational Risk | Published: 15 April 2016 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 14

Fundamental Review of the Trading Book: Impacts on financial institutions in Australia

Company:Wolters Kluwer

This white paper aims to outline the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book's key requirements, and how they translate into processes in and around the trading book. It offers suggestions with respect to best practices for the design and development of a platform to meet concerns raised by Australia’s... view abstract

Category: Basel III | Published: 24 November 2015 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 1

AML in Asia: Future-proof strategies for a time of flux

Company:Wolters Kluwer

This white paper discusses how compliance to AML regulation is becoming an increasing force in Asia-Pacific countries and the possible challenges that financial institutions may endure.

Category: Taxation | Published: 05 November 2015 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 2

Big data to disrupt current operating models within the financial industry

Company:Wolters Kluwer

The recent global financial crisis has effectively forced firms to assess internal governance procedures and adopt a wider approach to risk management. However, the backward looking nature of traditional GRC means that it is solely concerned with preventing repetition of previous failings.

Category: Operational Risk | Published: 16 October 2015 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 5

Stress Testing: Putting the Pieces Together to Solve an Increasingly Intricate Puzzle

Company:Wolters Kluwer

The global financial crisis and the aftermath that continues to unfold have created a justifiable obsession with stress among bankers and supervisors. The sharper focus has made stress testing a key component of the evolving global regulatory framework covering risk control and capital discipline.

Category: Basel III | Published: 16 October 2015 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 12

IFRS 9 in Asia-Pacific: The road to compliance – is there still time?

Company:Wolters Kluwer

Since the beginning of the year, financial institutions, as a sector, have shifted focus to the different requirements for IFRS 9. In Asia-Pacific (APAC), however, unlike Europe’s well synchronized journey to IFRS 9 compliance, Asian countries are taking many different roads to compliance.

Category: Operational Risk | Published: 28 September 2015 | Type: White Paper

Rating: + 5