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127 white papers and resources

Risk Library provides derivatives white papers which consider current issues and thinking, market conditions and how derivatives can be used to their best effect. In Business, a derivative is a form of contract where its value is derived from the value of underlying assets. Derivatives can be used to both hedge risk and for speculation. The most common types of derivatives are futures, options, forwards and swaps.

Market change – slow but certain

As the European Union’s (EU's) Carbon Market Initiative nears implementation of Phase III, Navita Systems’ Anette Nordskog discusses the recent developments in the carbon market, along with the practical and technological challenges it faces.

Hedging commodity exposure

Speaking at Energy Risk Asia, BNP Paribas’ head of Commodity Derivatives for Asia Pacific, Frederic Hervouet, discussed hedging strategies, products and commodity exposure at mining and resource companies.

Building on lessons learned

With African roots and a presence in 17 African countries and 33 countries worldwide, Standard Bank has been working with commodities clients since 1994. In 2006, the bank hired Janelle Matharoo as managing director, global head of energy sales & trading, to help grow the business. He talks to…

Using options to improve portfolio risk/returns

How can investors use options to improve the overall risk/return of a portfolio? Knowing that implied volatility has empirically exceeded realised levels, how do they choose between various yield-enhancement and risk-reduction strategies? Our analysis shows that systematic call overwriting is…

Regulation & ETRM solutions

New financial regulation poses fresh challenges to companies’ financial technology and systems. In a Q&A sponsored by Sapient Global Markets, Energy Risk discusses with experts how they can respond and what will be the impact on market developments.

Finding Safe Harbour

As regional banks cautiously develop currency markets and sovereign risk threatens global market stability, Société Générale explains why going back to basics is a sound strategy.