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321 white papers and resources

Risk Library hosts a number of compliance white papers and analysis reports by leading experts. Use the information resource for the latest industry developments and to ensure that your organisation meets all financial regulatory requirements. Compliance means conforming to a set of best practice controls set by the organisation or externally, by governments and non-governmental bodies. They are enforced usually through management processes that identify, assess and initiate relevant corrective action each time these laws, policies, regulations, contracts or strategies are broken.

Financial institutions at risk

Issues under consideration in this white paper include the regulatory landscape, guidance on hidden relationships and networks, and how to identify them. It looks at why financial institutions need to address these problems, and the roles of personnel and technology in the effort to combat money…

Move annual reporting into the 21st century

Despite being so important, the process to create the Annual Report is still stuck in the middle ages, with companies using a time consuming and error prone manual approach. This paper discusses the issues/risks involved and the solutions available for an automated approach to producing vital…

The benefits: automating external reporting procedures

Organisations typically face a number of challenges in the completion of the external financial reports. Automating the external reporting process can lead to the following benefits: Reduced personnel costs, Lower external costs, Reduced risk and Reduced cycle time. Read on to find out more.