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321 white papers and resources

Risk Library hosts a number of compliance white papers and analysis reports by leading experts. Use the information resource for the latest industry developments and to ensure that your organisation meets all financial regulatory requirements. Compliance means conforming to a set of best practice controls set by the organisation or externally, by governments and non-governmental bodies. They are enforced usually through management processes that identify, assess and initiate relevant corrective action each time these laws, policies, regulations, contracts or strategies are broken.

Tips of the trade

A panel of experts was convened for this virtual roundtable, sponsored by Sybase, in which they discuss the challenges facing financial institutions in meeting new liquidity regulations and share some tips for best practice in stress-testing a liquidity risk framework.

Regulation & ETRM solutions

New financial regulation poses fresh challenges to companies’ financial technology and systems. In a Q&A sponsored by Sapient Global Markets, Energy Risk discusses with experts how they can respond and what will be the impact on market developments.

Recovery Positions

Russia was hit hard by the financial crisis, but market participants say there is plenty to be optimistic about in 2010. At a roundtable discussion in December, industry experts discussed Russia’s economy, the development of market infrastructure and the growth of the derivatives sector.

Judgement calls

The credit crisis has exposed a number of failings in risk management at financial institutions around the globe, triggering a glut of proposals for new legislation and new regulation covering everything from bank trading books to central clearing.

Southern Housing Group addresses component accounting

Majority of UK housing associations are beginning to face up to the challenges associated with moving to Component Accounting and meeting the SORP 2008 deadline and Southern Housing Group has already successfully made the move to component accounting from April 2006 and delivered its first…

Data Intelligence and Governance

Increased transparency of the financial disclosure process requires that all underlying data meet emerging governance, risk and compliance (GRC) requirements. Banks must re-evaluate aspects of their lending strategies and dig into the real data within the various classes of risk.