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447 white papers and resources

Regulation underpins the practices and procedures of every single activity undertaken by the banking and finance communities: from what information needs to be contained in a disclosure document through to what constitutes bribery. Regulation is increasingly in focus, as the world’s governments struggle to bring us all back to financial stability. Below you will find law and regulation white papers that will show you the latest developments and what you need to do so your organisation stays within the law.

A legal guide to investing in France

This white paper from Herbert Smith gives an overview of France’s legal environment in the key areas that matter most to foreign investors. France remains today one of the most attractive countries in the world for investors.

Solvency II: data quality and governance

The Solvency II directive for insurance and reinsurance companies in the EU comes into force December 31, 2012. To comply, companies must either use a one-size-fits-all approach or build an internal model. The latter is likely to be more efficient, but ensuring accuracy is a major concern.

Regulatory reform – The shape of things to come

The Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon) is currently the only financial institution in the US with a triple A rating from Moody’s. With the firm’s representatives actively engaged in industry and public policy forums, as well as advising regulators, its derivatives and risk expertise is exemplary…

Winning the PCI compliance battle

This white paper reviews the basics of PCI, including who must comply, compliance requirements, validation requirements and penalties. It also examines key things to look for when selecting a PCI network testing service and introduces QualysGuard PCI.

Ensuring compliance through data security

Major compliance spend does not necessarily equal secured data when it comes to sensitive information security. Enterprises need to consider placing more focus on securing critical secrets that confer long-term competitive advantage, rather than just preventing accidents involving custodial data.

Preparing organisations for future litigation

This paper discusses how bringing eDiscovery in-house now helps to prepare organisations for future litigation. There are many similarities among the technologies & processes used to respond to specific legal matters & foster proper information management that simplifies future litigation responses.

Email archiving and the law

The concept of information governance is not new, but the challenge posed by today’s email volumes is. This white paper examines the latest legal requirements for email archiving and why an effective solution is essential.