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447 white papers and resources

Regulation underpins the practices and procedures of every single activity undertaken by the banking and finance communities: from what information needs to be contained in a disclosure document through to what constitutes bribery. Regulation is increasingly in focus, as the world’s governments struggle to bring us all back to financial stability. Below you will find law and regulation white papers that will show you the latest developments and what you need to do so your organisation stays within the law.

The Challenge of Merger and Acquisition Integration

This report provides the reader with an insight into the integration experiences and views of senior European corporates who have carried out M&A programmes in recent years. We explore their rationale for and approach to M&A integration, and illuminate key factors in determining a successful merger.

EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT: Chief balancing officers

Executive Management bears the ultimate responsibility for the success or failure of the business. Today, these traditional challengesoccur in the context of unprecedented levels of investor and regulatory scrutiny. Executive Management must find the proper equilibrium among these pressures,…

Effective use of Business Intelligence Tools

Studies show that the markets consistently punish companies that do not accurately forecast their financial performance, even if that performance is objectively good. By contrast, companies that can consistently deliver forecasted results are rewarded with a premium in their market capitalization…

2007 - The Impact of MIFID

MiFID has been hailed by some analysts as the most fundamental shake up of the European banking sector in a generation. This White Paper provides a key overview of the implications of MIFID.