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Credit Risk

152 white papers and resources

Risk Library provides a number of credit risk white papers, industry reports and opinions, which can be used to aid the decision making process and to reduce your organisations credit risk exposure. Credit risk is the type of risk that a lender assumes. As a form of compensation for taking on the risk, a lender receives interest repayments at an agreed upon rate. However, if a borrower defaults on agreed repayments, lenders may lose the partial or full sum and interest of the loan. This could result in the lender incurring further costs such as collection of debt owed and disruption to cash flow.

Banking crisis in Cyprus: Q&A on the new banking laws

Harneys answers frequently asked questions about banking in Cyprus in the context of the current banking crisis. Key issues discussed include circumstances under which the Deposit Protection Scheme is activated, which deposits are covered by the Deposit Protection Fund and depositor compensation.

Credit Risk Modelling

The importance of accurately modelling and managing credit risk is continuously growing, regulatory changes and evolving risk management practices have led to banks looking a lot more closely at credit risk. This white paper provides an introduction to this challenging topic.

Wrong-way CVA done right

Credit valuation adjustment (CVA) has been at the forefront of many discussions since the 2007–2008 financial crisis as a result of losses taken by major market participants due to counterparty defaults on derivatives. Basel III and threatened clearing requirements are driving change.