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Structured Products

57 white papers and resources

Below are a collection of structured products white papers which will show current thinking and modelling. Structured Products are designed to meet the financing requirements of companies beyond the remit of more conventional financial products. Generally offered by the large financial institutions, they are highly complex in nature and will be customised to meet specific risk-return objectives. Common structured products include collateralised bond obligations (CBOs), collateralised debt obligations (CDOs) and syndicated loans.

Rebuilding Confidence

As turmoil engulfed the global markets, Barclays Capital continued to provide innovative and superior service to its institutional and retail clients. With the markets on the road to recovery, the firm now sees demand for more exchange-traded products in Asia.

Retirement Strategies

Recently, reduced household incomes from the decline in home and equity prices, as well as rising unemployment, have forced Americans to reconsider how they spend and invest their personal finances.

Listening and learning

After the seismic market shocks in 2008 and early 2009, structured products have remained widespread in the media focus. As summer holidays come to an end and schools reopen, we consider the lessons learned and what is on the curriculum for the year ahead.

German Investment

With investor confidence being slowly rebuilt, UniCredit’s Juliane Bürger offers some valuable insight and advice to investors into choosing the right product, the advent of reverse convertible product offerings and the market volumes, now that it is showing signs of recovery.