A rainbow of Asian opportunity

Emerging markets in Asia offer a timely opportunity to invest with lower risk than in previous years, according to Roger Liu, director and head of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) at Mirae Asset Global Investments.

“Investors are increasingly looking at the rapidly maturing emerging markets in Asia for growth. Just a decade ago, Asia was still a part of a risky global emerging market class, but now Asia is an asset class of its own and is an important driving engine for the global economy,” says Liu.

Sector-based ETFs provide access to a range of companies within a particular industry that are set for growth. They provide all the benefits associated with ETFs, such as real-time trading, low tracking error and trading in the Asian time zone, with the added benefit of exposure to fast-growing industries in Asia.

Mirae Asset recently launched the first range of sector-specific ETFs in Hong Kong to facilitate this opportunity, including the Mirae Asset TIGER Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Emerging Asia Consumer (3054 HK), Asia ex-Japan, Australia and New Zealand (JANZ) Energy ETF (3076 HK), Asia ex-JANZ Materials ETF (3078 HK), Asia ex-JANZ Industrials ETF (3075 HK), Asia ex-JANZ Financials ETF (3064 HK), Asia ex-JANZ IT ETF (3066 HK), and Global Consumer Brands ETF (3056 HK).

“With these ETFs, there is no need to open a brokerage account in 10 markets with 10 different currencies,” says Liu.