The Buy Side and System Consolidation— Grasping the Nettle

This whitepaper covers the following themes, specifically from a buy-side angle:

  • The extent to which buy-side firms are wed to legacy and/or proprietary technologies, the use of duplicate data and systems to manage ostensibly the same tasks, and firms’ plans to rationalize and streamline their technology stacks
  • The impediments buy-side firms face when looking to enhance their investment management technology—especially management inertia and legacy platforms— the systems they most often look to source from a specialist third party, and their implementation/support preferences
  • Buy-side firms’ overall data quality, the business processes impacted by suboptimal data and the extent to which data can be shared (and appropriately permissioned) across the business
  • Buy-side firms’ use of ESG and alternative datasets, and APIs to ensure system interoperability and their cloud preferences.