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Below you will find technological white papers covering aspects of bank and finance trading. Also, information from some of the leading participants in this field covering what an organisation may need to think about when considering investing in new technology systems and how this will impact upon their business as a whole. Within the context of Risk Library, technology has been defined under algorithmic trading, market data, post-trade, risk systems, technology systems & software and trading systems.

Making smarter decisions

Everyone working in the industry is aware that financial technology is changing the way we operate. Whilst the industry is undoubtedly benefiting from unprecedented investment, it pays to be sceptical about these benefits and ask whether the investment is being directed at the right problems.

Decision science: From automation to optimisation

Despite its benefits, credit decisioning is severely lagging – average ‘time to decision’ for small business and corporate lending at traditional banks is between three and five weeks, while average ‘time to cash’ is nearly three months. Are such long lead times efficient and responsive in today’s…

Outsourcing Across the Buy Side - Look Before You Leap

This paper investigates the extent to which firms have embraced outsourcing across the industry, key benefits they can reasonably expect on the back of outsourcing business processes and technologies to a specialist third party, potential drawbacks of outsourcing practices and what they are looking…

FX needs for Apac corporates in 2022

This white paper examines the results of a survey, conducted in association with Bloomberg, that offers insight into how corporations based in the Asia-Pacific region interact with the FX market. The research conducted within the context of this paper sought to gauge the extent to which these…