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Private Equity

36 white papers and resources

Risk Library offers private equity white papers and industry reports which provide the latest information and advice on private equity investments. Private Equity investments are usually made by institutional and accredited investors, such as venture capitalists, private equity firms and angel investors. Each will have their own targets or strategies. Generally, they are long-term investors who invest heavily into companies to either provide working capital for expansion, product development, ownership and re-structuring.

Seasonal forecasts: a path to profits?

What value can be placed on accurate storage levels for natural gas analysts and traders? This white paper reviews recent activity and looks at new methods of analysis – which, in turn, can deliver a new competitive advantage and lower risks for investors in this field.

Private equity update: April 2013

This white paper reviews a number of new private equity updates, such as the ‘Patent Box’ regime, the London Stock Exchange's new High Growth Segment and restrictive covenants. The facts and issues of each update are discussed and analysed in detail.

High Growth Segment: New market now open

A recent announcement by the London Stock Exchange has ensured that the UK becomes a more attractive listing destination for fast-growing companies. This white paper reviews this announcement and analyses the rules that companies need to adhere to gain trading admission.