Basel III

65 white papers and resources

Risk Library hosts a number of Basel III white papers by leading experts. Use the information resource for the latest industry developments and to ensure that your organisation meets all Basel III requirements. Basel III is the third set of global regulatory requirements agreed upon by members of the Basel Committee. It builds upon Basel I and II by adding new core capital requirements to strengthen a banks position. Banks will now have to hold increased levels of common equity and additional capital butters, including a counter cyclical buffer. A minimum leverage ratio and liquidity ratios are being introduced.

Tips of the trade

A panel of experts was convened for this virtual roundtable, sponsored by Sybase, in which they discuss the challenges facing financial institutions in meeting new liquidity regulations and share some tips for best practice in stress-testing a liquidity risk framework.

Risk Management and Compliance in 2008

Competitive advantage from faster, more flexible and dynamic risk management. Risk management and regulatory compliance are fundamental functions in any financial institution. They are inextricably linked, operate to exacting standards and are about to go through a period of significant change.