Enterprise compliance: The Risk Intelligent approach

As globalization continues to take hold and government regulation broadens around the world, spilling across country borders, the issue of compliance risk remains a top-shelf business issue. It's not just an item on the agenda.

Compliance is its own agenda these days. And with good reason. Given the pace and scale of change they're facing, senior executives and boards are more concerned than ever that the old, reactive ways of managing compliance may cause them to fall behind the competition - or leave them exposed to greater regulatory or reputational risk than ever.
Meanwhile, the world keeps turning. Forward-thinking leaders are looking for ways to make their organizations more Risk Intelligent.

Enterprise compliance spanning multiple businesses, organizational units, and geographies is increasingly seen as the goal for organizations looking to act in an ethical manner and keep compliance risk in check. In this book, we offer what we believe to be the core elements of a compliance agenda that supports the whole enterprise.