Managing 21st Century business and Technology Innovation

The payments industry is changing as competitive pressures, regulatory burdens and customer entitlements increase. Innovation is necessary for financial institutions to survive in this highly competitive market. Technology can be harnessed to meet payments innovations and combat the increasing customer, competitive and regulatory pressures, if financial institutions undertake these three key strategies: ● Industrializing production and distribution ● Harvesting insight by capturing, protecting and leveraging the information gained from customer transactions ● Differentiating delivery Deploying IBM System z™ can enable financial institutions to meet these business challenges and implement the three strategic plays by: ● Providing system attributes ● Reducing complexity ● Meeting compliance needs ● Adding processor capacity and storage ● Diminishing overall risk exposure ● Providing a strong enterprisewide technology foundation Deploying IBM System z can enable financial institutions to meet business challenges, provide system attributes necessary for innovation and, in the process, make the financial institution more competitive by improving efficiency and compressing time to market. IBM System z can add processor capacity and storage in real time, without interruptions in response to changing business requirements.