Collateral and Financial Plumbing

This Introduction to the newly published Collateral and Financial Plumbing provides a summary of the book, and provides an angle on the world of finance that was already in existence, but not widely understood by many finance professionals. Written by the leading authority on collateral, Manmohan Singh, the book leads you through the complex world highlighting the importance of financial plumbing and provides a practical understanding of how financial collateral moves across jurisdictions. Also, the discussion on restricting collateral velocity and how it links to monetary policy rate cycle is original.

"Manmohan's thought-provoking work shines a much-needed light on the neglected, yet highly critical, plumbing of the financial system."
Guy Debelle, Assistant Governor (Financial Markets), Reserve Bank of Australia and Chair of the BIS Markets Committee

Read the introduction to this important resource here and discover how to gain a deep understanding of complex and important topics such as central clearinghouses, OTC derivatives, repo and securities lending.