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Liquidity Risk

96 white papers and resources

Liquidity Risk

Market Risk Analytics: Where Are We Now?

This report, based on a survey of 31 major banks, explores the current state of market risk analytics across the banking sector. It looks at the progress being made in the implementation of new market risk frameworks and infrastructure and the key challenges facing banks in facilitating these…

EMIR Special Report August 2014

This special report explores lessons learned from the first EMIR reporting phase, which became effective on Feb. 12, and looks forward to the newest phase, exploring what the newly reported data will tell regulators about the bigger picture of the derivatives market in the European Union. We also…

Webinar: GRC for better business performance

A dynamic regulatory climate and the increasing cost of governance failures continue to put pressure on banks and other financial institutions to overhaul and improve their overall approach to governance, risk management and compliance. But there continues to be a lack of best practices or…