Meeting the Solvency II operational risk challenge

The panel

  • Victoria Tozer-Pennington, Editor, Operational Risk & Regulation
  • Toby Ducker, Solvency II Programme Director, Brit Insurance
  • Ian Francis, Solution Architect, IBM
  • Rodney Nelsestuen, Senior Research Director, Retail Banking and Cards, TowerGroup

Questions under discussion include:

• How does Solvency II affect operational risk management?
• What are the emerging best practices for operational risk in insurance companies?
• What best practices are you implementing or which are you looking to adopt?
• How are insurance companies addressing these Solvency II requirements?
• What capabilities should firms develop as part of their operational risk programme?
• Is industry prepared for the data collection and disclosure requirements under Solvency II?
• What is IBM OpenPages' capability around the correlation of operational risk with other risk classes, and can IBM OpenPages help companies in connection with the own risk and solvency assessment (Orsa)?
• How can firms incorporate non-financial factors into the quantitative risk management process, such as litigation and intra-venue business models?