Webinar: A risk-based performance pipe dream?

Making better, smarter, more confident decisions is one of the key goals of enterprise risk management (ERM). In theory, if an organisation understands its exposure fully, as well as the returns it is making – or expects to make – and the costs, capital and other resources it consumes, it will be better-equipped to price a product or service, set staff compensation, weigh an acquisition or disposal, and consider geographic expansion.

The problem is that the goal more often resembles a pipe dream. It requires levels of integration between risk and finance that few organisations possess, as well as squeaky clean, standardised data, and effective automation – meaning, in turn, that someone at the top of the firm has to demand it, and then push it through.

In this IBM-sponsored webcast, a panel of industry experts will discuss the obstacles facing risk-based performance management and Peyman Mestchian, managing partner, Chartis will review findings of a new study on risk-based performance management (one of several research papers in Chartis' The Risk Enabled Enterprise® research programme).