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Operational Risk

343 white papers and resources

Below you will find a collection of operational risk white papers by industry leading experts. This information resource looks at key industry issues and practices, which can be used to aid in the decision-making process and help maintain a competitive advantage. Operational risk is the type risk that a company is exposed to from the execution of business functions. It is a wide concept that has rapidly evolved over the years. It includes risk that arises from the break downs of internal procedures, systems and people, plus external events. Fraud risks, legal risks, physical risk and environmental risks also are encompassed in operational risk.

Reducing fraud in the information age

Technological advances, volatile markets and a continuing economic crisis make for fertile soil for fraud. Whether driven by need or greed, fraudsters keep the world’s financial institutions under constant pressure. It is no longer enough just to investigate fraud after it happens, companies need…

Meeting the Solvency II operational risk challenge

Solvency II introduces a new EU-wide regulatory approach to determine capital adequacy for meeting an insurer’s true risks. Due to come into force in 2012, Solvency II promises a more sophisticated ‘risk-based’ form of supervision that will require many insurers to augment their risk management…