Risk in investment audiocast Pt 1 (Emea) – A multi-dimensional view of risk during times of crisis

Over the past decade, risk has forged a more central role within asset managers’ investment process, evolving from a compliance function to play an active part in trading and strategy development. Today’s investors view a firm’s risk strategy as a key differentiator in manager selection. 

But even well-established risk functions are challenged in times of crisis. As volatility rises and new threats emerge, risk managers must react quickly and ensure their analysis remains practical, actionable, and transparent. The coronavirus pandemic has provided risk managers with complex new challenges and an opportunity to evolve their processes once again. 

This two-part audiocast series produced by Risk.net and MSCI examines the changing shape of risk in investment, the lessons learned from the current crisis, and how risk can be used to drive performance in volatile times.

In this first audiocast, Sam Rubandhas, Executive Director, Client Coverage, Emea at MSCI, offers an Emea perspective on what’s needed to take a multi-dimensional view of risk during times of crisis.  

  • Investment risk – why the coronavirus crisis is different [01:28]
  • The role of risk in navigating the crisis – lessons learned [03:47]
  • How risk can adapt to new uncertainty [08:30]
  • Developing a multi-dimensional view of risk [12:45]

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In part two of the series, Sam Rubandhas discusses how a more holistic view of risk can be used to highlight opportunities during volatile times.

You can also read more about the evolution of risk in investment in the accompanying article to this series ‘Using risk analytics to highlight opportunities in volatile markets’.

And remember, there was a Apac and a US perspective audio series published available for you to listen to.