Smarter data: steering a course in volatile markets

Volatility in all its forms is here to stay. But with great volatility comes great opportunities. Asset managers have their work cut out navigating hurdles such as asset valuation and managing risk more intelligently to avoid getting burned and improve profit and performance.

Yet, as fixed income markets enter a period of turbulence, an era of opportunity is unlocked.

This paper, commissioned by S&P Global Market Intelligence, outlines the challenges facing asset managers in this macro environment and how to overcome them through high-quality data and cutting-edge analytical tools that uncover alpha and hedge risk intelligently.

  • Navigating a challenging credit cycle: why asset managers have their work cut out
  • Charting a course: superior data for a new era of volatility
  • Full steam ahead: pricing tools and products embolden asset managers
  • Research signals: why it pays to have good data
  • Steering choppy waters: grey clouds on the bond horizon

This paper is required reading for asset managers looking to power up performance and risk management for a new era of volatility.