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Risk Management

520 white papers and resources

Risk Library provides a selection of risk management white papers which address key questions which can be used in reducing the dangers for your organisation faces and how to utilise any opportunities which may ensue to their maximum capability. Risk management is the assessment and mitigation of risks which have arisen by changes on a local or global scale. Risk management may involve realising opportunities that have resulted from these changes. Within the context of the Risk Library, risk management has been defined under asset liability management, credit risk, enterprise risk management, liquidity risk, market risk, operational risk and settlement risk.

Wrong Way Risk

Dan Travers and Jean-Marc Schwob explain how a credit risk system that combines numerical analysis with risk sensitivities can help risk managers to detect ‘wrong-way risk’ and highlight potential hot spots in their credit portfolios.

Strategic risk taking

Better communication and a transparent structure can give the risk department the necessary level of control to effectively manage trading risk yet also enhance profit, elevating the risk management function to one of crucial, strategic importance.