Award-winning service keeps FWU Group at top of takaful

By entering into a long-term strategic partnership with a local takaful operator, and securing major bank distribution partners in each market, FWU Group has developed a unique business model.

It specialises in white-label family takaful investment-linked plans and offers the takaful operator a customised innovative product family, which includes savings, education, marriage and pension plans.  A second generation of that product suite has been introduced to meet with customers’ broader financial planning needs. The investment value proposition takes into account the various risk profiles specific to each customer segment. FWU Group offers the banks an open investment architecture where they can incorporate their own sharia-compliant funds into the investments universe, as well as a proprietary quantitative investment model for the monthly fund selection and allocation. FWU Group’s takaful partners offer two distinct investment strategies – equities and cash. The participant in the takaful fund is able to choose which strategy is best suited to their risk appetite.

FWU Group has recently introduced a unique investment programme in conjunction with an international bank. The dynamic principal-protected equity strategy – Dynamic Protection Plan – is an additional tool for the actively managed underlying equity portfolio of the FWU Group family takaful programmes. It has been designed to allow for participation in the upward trends of the equity markets while offering protection against bearish markets.