Structured Products

60 white papers and resources

Below are a collection of structured products white papers which will show current thinking and modelling. Structured Products are designed to meet the financing requirements of companies beyond the remit of more conventional financial products. Generally offered by the large financial institutions, they are highly complex in nature and will be customised to meet specific risk-return objectives. Common structured products include collateralised bond obligations (CBOs), collateralised debt obligations (CDOs) and syndicated loans.

Back to basics

Investors familiar with equity markets often use turnover as an indicator of liquidity even when investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), but Keith Chan at HSBC explains why with ETFs this can be a common mistake to make.

Controlling volatility to reduce uncertainty

The past two years have seen a reduction in risk appetite from investors, with clients reverting to less complex payoffs. However, while payoff variety has contracted, creation of new underlying indexes has proliferated. Most notably, a new breed of transparent rule-based indexes, known as ‘dynamic…