Finding the investment management ‘one analytics view’

Technology is thriving across the investment management lifecycle, providing significant competitive differentiators while also creating efficient analytic workflows. To meet stringent market demands, investment managers (IMs) are striving to expand asset classes, regions, styles of investing and hedging to hit their mandated return targets while maintaining designated risk parameters.

In addition, demands from investors and regulators around environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are creating even more rigorous requirements for ESG analysis in conjunction with physical and transition risk mitigation.

The comprehensive and efficient use of technology will be a major contributor to success. All CIOs and IMs in today’s market need and want ‘one analytics view’ of their risk and performance across all regions and asset classes, but in reality that can be very hard to achieve.
In this paper we explore the reasons why, focusing on:

- Functional demands across the investment management lifecycle for Chief Investment Officers (CIOs), who need one risk/performance analytical view across all portfolios.
- The primary technical issues Chief Technical Officers (CTOs) face in providing a productive platform.

The paper is essential reading for IM risk, investment and technology leaders looking to achieve a new level of analytical insight and drive a step-change in performance.