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Market Data

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Market Data

Market Risk Analytics: Where Are We Now?

This report, based on a survey of 31 major banks, explores the current state of market risk analytics across the banking sector. It looks at the progress being made in the implementation of new market risk frameworks and infrastructure and the key challenges facing banks in facilitating these…

Enhanced Alpha from Operational Efficiency

Innovative technology is all around us, and hedge funds might well questionits value as a differentiator in today’s highly competitive market. But that does not mean there is nothing to be gained from keeping pace with change – to the contrary, rather than relying on new developments to make…

T+2: The Catalyst for Change

With the 6 October 2014 deadline for T+2 fast approaching, the industry needs to prepare. It is more than 20 years since the Industry User Group (IUG) oversaw the birth of the first vendor electronic trade confirmation (ETC) platforms. Those platforms (Thomson - OASYS Global, London Stock Exchange …

The ORSA: How prepared are you?

As your company prepares for ORSA, how do you know if your perception of readiness matches reality? In the 2012 PwC ORSA readiness survey1, over 80% of insurers felt their ERM frameworks were ORSA ready, yet only 38% had Boards that were more than passively engaged in ERM/ORSA, and only 35% had…