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Market Data

76 white papers and resources

Market Data

The importance of aligning risk and financial data

This study, prepared by the Economist Intelligence Unit examines the current state of finance processes and how these processes could be modified to better incorporate risk considerations and address the new competitive and regulatory dynamics faced by financial institutions.

Five signs your file data is at risk

Insider threats & regulatory compliance make protecting sensitive file data a business requirement for every organisation. However, sheer volume of file data and its continuous growth make it a challenge to secure properly. This paper asks 5 questions to help you assess your file security posture.

The role of data in determining profitability

Most companies divide their operations into separate silos, each evaluated by finance through separate P&Ls. In this white paper, Sage argue that this is often a damaging approach which conceals the true profitabiltiy (or otherwise) of specific customers.

Data Intelligence and Governance

Increased transparency of the financial disclosure process requires that all underlying data meet emerging governance, risk and compliance (GRC) requirements. Banks must re-evaluate aspects of their lending strategies and dig into the real data within the various classes of risk.