One investment truth for portfolio management excellence (North America edition)

In this webinar rebroadcast, we’ll be presenting the findings of Chartis’ new market research on drivers to support portfolio management excellence. Join us for a timely discussion on how “One Investment Truth” can empower your teams to make the right investment decisions.

Get the latest market insights on: 

  • Achieving a real-time, holistic view of investment data for improved decision making
  • Moving from a fragmented system landscape to a unified platform 
  • The opportunity cost of not having One Investment Truth
  • Using an integrated solution to adapt to market volatility and drive innovation

Hear from our industry experts:

  • Jay Wolstenholme, Research Director, Chartis Research
  • Andrew Y. Chin, Chief Risk Officer and Head of Quantitative Research, AllianceBernstein
  • Ashish Aryal, Senior Market Strategist, SimCorp
  • Terry Flynn, Vice President, SimCorp