How can investment banks use grid technology?

Grid technology over the last ten years has become an invaluable resource for most investment banks, each one implementing a grid solution of some sort. The potential introduction of disruptive technologies such as GPGPU, cloud and big data has raised the pressure on investment banks to increase compute capabilities and improve the management of risks, such as counterparty risk and credit valuation adjustments.

This white paper reviews current grid technology applications within the banking industry. It analyses the high performance computing (HPC) maturity benchmark results of both Tier 1 and Tier 2 institutions. It looks at technology adoption such as grid middleware, GPGPU and technology stack - breaking down and reviewing current industry usage of each. Furthermore, it explores the heightened interest that banks are expressing in new technologies like cloud computing and the increase of IT investment in risk management systems. It provides an overview of the HPC Maturity Model and reviews the various stages of grid maturity that banks are at, such as enterprise readiness, resource utilisation and the service level model.