Barclays is a global leader in quantitative investment strategies, both in the breadth and depth of its offering and in the volume of transactions that Barclays has executed with clients.

The Barclays quantitative investment strategies are a diverse family of systematic non-discretionary trading strategy indices available across multiple asset classes including equities, fixed income, FX, commodities, derivatives and alternative investments.

Quantitative investment strategies can help clients respond to the difficulties that have been presented by market conditions over the last decade.
We provide true multi-asset client-centric solutions, whilst being asset class agnostic, sharing best practices with a consistent approach to strategy design, implementation, execution and post-execution support.

Barclays has significant experience in partnering with renowned economists, research firms, data providers and thought-leaders to develop and implement innovative strategies, alongside industry leading research and education, all founded on sound economic principles.


CAPE and the COVID-19 Pandemic Effect

This paper will specifically examine how the CAPE ration has behaved over the COVID-19 pandemic period, extending the analysis beyond the United States equity benchmark to look at the CAPE ratios for the UK, Europe, Japan and China, to analyse the effect of the pandemic across the major equity…

Rebuilding Confidence

As turmoil engulfed the global markets, Barclays Capital continued to provide innovative and superior service to its institutional and retail clients. With the markets on the road to recovery, the firm now sees demand for more exchange-traded products in Asia.