Around the world, the MetLife companies offer insurance, retirement and savings products. We work directly with customers as well as offer our products through agents, third party distributors, and brokers. We provide:

Flexible insurance options to protect you and your family.

Life Insurance - Maintain your family's standard of living no matter what the future holds. Our life insurance products help take care of what's most important, from home mortgage payments and day-to-day expenses, to a child's education or a partner's retirement

Accident & Health Insurance - Our products give you one less thing to worry about should the unthinkable happen. We protect against eventualities with flexible levels of coverage, cash payouts, treatment expenses, etc.

Disability Income Insurance - If you are unable to work due to sickness or injury, disability income insurance can help you meet expenses and maintain your standard of living by providing financial security until you get back on your feet.

Credit Insurance - Our debt protection products can help take the strain off you and your loved ones should you become unable to repay financial commitments due to death or illness.

Auto & Home Insurance - You can protect your car and residence as well as the precious belongings inside with the right insurance policy.

Retirement and Savings plans to help you reach your financial goals.

Retirement Planning - Our pension and savings products help you plan ahead for a financially secure retirement and allow you to enjoy the best years of your life.

Savings - Our selection of savings products help you act today to achieve the lifestyle you want tomorrow.