Regulation & ETRM solutions

New financial regulation is gradually making its way onto the statutes books with sweeping implications for companies worldwide, and energy-related companies in particular. We ask how companies are responding to the prospect of additional requirements and oversight.

Our panellists discuss how to respond to some of the technological and risk management challenges that will be affecting the markets in the the coming year. Topics covered include: making sure a firm’s energy trading risk management system is able to cope with the new demands from market supervisors, allowing continued compliance with regulatory requirements; what will be the likely impact of moves to force more clearing of over-the-counter derivatives and of new reporting and margin requirements? ls this something current systems will be able to cope with or will firms need a full technology rethink? Our panel looks at the various solutions and the role of in-house built systems versus off-the-shelf software, and whether the new regulations will change their relationship with the trading and risk management functions in their firms.

The Q&A provides the reader with a range of opinions and options on these issues, bringing you up to date with the latest thinking on some of the most pertinent challenges that will be affecting the market in the year ahead.