Sharpening risktech's cutting edge - Maximising value from risktech investment

Compliance continues to take a big bite out of risk team budgets. With competing business priorities, banking CROs are left to pick and choose among the emerging technologies available to make enterprise-level ambitions a reality. 

This survey report, commissioned by Wolters Kluwer, explores the current challenges, priorities and trends influencing banks’ investment in risk technology and assesses how they can drive better value in the future. Among the key findings:

  • More than 80% of risk professionals view risktech innovation as imperative to their banks’ competitive edge
  • But around 61% describe the overall performance of their risktech systems as fair, poor or very poor.
  • A lack of clear business objectives and internal wranglings over priorities and scope are hampering effective risktech investment.

Download this whitepaper to discover how risk teams can achieve effective enterprise-level transformation outcomes and establish clear priorities for risk tech investment in the future.