Capital Markets Guide 2011

The market is waking up to a huge world full of unprecedented opportunity in exciting new places. Firms have weathered a crisis and adapted to new regulations. Now it's time to get down to business.
The mission of the Sybase Capital Markets Guide 2011 is to provide you with cutting-edge thought leadership from some of the most knowledgeable people in capital markets.

Where last year's guide covered the new regulatory environment, this year's guide covers the impact of real-time data and how to take advantage of new risk strategies. Articles and research focus on technological innovation, business strategy and geographical markets. And just like last year, this publication is full of insights from Sybase experts and other leaders across the financial services industry.

Advanced Trading discusses the latest technology and legislation that surround trading. CEP Breaks Out explores the hot topic of complex event processing (CEP) and its future impact on global trading. New Risk Strategies strategically evaluates new ways to manage risk. Innovative approaches to help harness and analyse real-time data are presented in Quality Real-Time Data. And Changing Landscape examines how international markets are reinventing themselves. The guide closes with a rich set of market research that provides an interesting view of global financial indicators.