The post-trade patch-up: revamping processes in volatile times

In recent years, financial market participants have had to grapple with rising levels of geopolitical and market risk, extreme volatility and spiralling inflation.                                                                            
In this climate, it is crucial for financial firms with complex trading and hedging books to identify and manage their present and potential risk exposures accurately.                                                                            
If the back office is not running optimally or not fully integrated with front and middle offices, it will hinder a firm’s ability to manage margin and credit risk, view P&L and manage market risk.                                                                             
This Rapid Read survey report, commissioned by ION, examines the effectiveness and efficiency of post-trade processes and services at financial firms, and assesses where change is most needed, and the barriers to change. In an era of heightened volatility where risks are high and errors can be catastrophic, the report asks how long firms can afford to continue with patched-up processes?