Next generation cyber risk for energy firms

Digitalization – already a key agenda item for energy firms – has become an even bigger priority as firms transition into low carbon businesses. However, with the many benefits of digitalization comes a huge rise in cyber risk. Tackling this requires an appropriate cyber security framework that allocates clear responsibilities and provides a transparent audit trail. The risk profile of the energy sector is changing as digitalization progresses, and this requires agile risk management and new approaches to cyber and IT risk.

In this cybersecurity webinar you will learn:

  • What are the latest cyber threats to energy businesses?
  • Latest thinking on the allocation of responsibility for cyber risk within energy firms.
  • Specific threats to trading and risk
  • How risk needs to respond to company-wide cyber risk
  • Best practices in building a cyber security framework

Cyber risk is on the rise. This webinar will provide you with clear, actionable insights on how to achieve greater cybersecurity.