A sharper focus on credit risk | Accessing Basel III SCRA data

The final Basel III framework will usher in a more nuanced approach to credit risk assessment. From January 2023 banks will need to follow the new Standardised Credit Risk Assessment (SCRA) to calculate the risk weights for unrated bank exposures, as well as bank exposures in countries that do not allow the use of external credit ratings.

Accessing the correct data will be crucial in accurately determining the new risk weights. Banks with the means to gather and manage this data correctly will benefit from reduced capital charges and an enhanced view of the creditworthiness of bank exposures – a significant strategic advantage. But the task is complex and time-consuming.

As organisations look to the January 1, 2023 deadline for implementation of the Basel III updates, finding a solution to gather accurate SCRA data is becoming a pressing concern.

Download this briefing paper to learn more about the compliance and data challenges involved, and why your firm needs to start preparations now.