Post-trade processing via NYFIX matching

This case study highlights a global asset management firm's successful adoption of NYFIX Matching, a product from Broadridge Trading and Connectivity Solutions, to address challenges in post-trade processing.

Faced with growing trade volumes, the firm sought a solution for efficient trade matching and cost savings. NYFIX Matching, utilising the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol, proved instrumental in transforming the firm's post-trade lifecycle. The implementation resulted in immediate benefits, including enhanced speed, processing capacity and accuracy. Over three years, the firm achieved significant annual cost savings of at least $500,000, streamlined operations and reduced time spent on manual processes. The FIX-based approach facilitated open communication, collaboration and future scalability. The firm foresees continued optimisation across asset classes and anticipates a long-term engagement with NYFIX Matching, now part of the broader Broadridge organisation.