New QuantTech platforms paving way for more effective trading operations

As markets become faster and more dynamic, risk decision making is moving towards real time. As a result, the demand for real-time decision-support technology and information is greater than ever. How is this being accomplished? What tools are being used? The answers are rooted in the growing popularity and use of quantitative technology, or “QuantTech,” which is comprised of comprehensive development platforms, rich data management capabilities and streaming real-time analytics for creating, testing and deploying innovative solutions.

In this paper, Chief Product Officer, Satyam Kancharla shares his expert take on QuantTech solutions. Download the paper today and get:

  • Insight into the latest market research exploring the need for QuantTech
  • Key perspectives into what a next gen enterprise QuantTech platform could look like
  • How cloud-based architecture is enabling the building and deploying of new applications and functionalities